More than 40 years in the tourism industry

We are a newly-created company specialising in boat rental, but we have more than 40 years' experience in the tourism sector in the Costa Brava and are passionate about the world of sailing.

We are located in Puerto de Blanes, just at the start of the Costa Brava, from where we offer a huge number of incredible excursions:
NE heading out from the Costa Brava up to the Cap de Creus and the South of France, passing by an endless series of isolated coves and the Medes Islands on the way.
SW course, we can choose between spending the night in the charming city of Barcelona and an overnight stay at the Port Olímpic Harbour or continuing west until we reach the Ebre delta.
Heading on a S course will take us directly to the Balearic Islands, which are well known for their exceptional beauty and why not? After all, we do have the whole of the Mediterranean to visit…

Right from the start, we want our customers to be excited and satisfied. For this reason we are fully versed in forming a fleet of the latest yachts in optimal working condition, cleaning them and are able to offer personal consultations to our customers when it comes to choosing routes or answering any queries they may have. We are able to do this because we are sector specialists owing to our passion and knowledge of the world of sailing as well as the sea that gave rise to us.